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Java: Fit file recorded by Device Edge 810 has NULL value LocalTimestamp from ClassActivityMesg


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Hello Everyone:
Our user used Device Edge 810, and send Fit file to our server.
When server parse the Fit file, I can't get LocalTimestamp from ActivityMesg.
Here is my code.
MesgBroadcaster mesgBroadcaster = new MesgBroadcaster(decode);
mesgBroadcaster.addListener(new ActivityMesgListener() {
public void onMesg(ActivityMesg mesg{
                    long utc 
long local;
Long localTimestamp mesg.getLocalTimestamp();
     if (
localTimestamp == null{
else {
                    long offset 
= (local utc) * 1000;

We want to get LocalTimestamp , because we need to compute the Time Zone.
Except Device Edge 810, other device seem to all can support LocalTimestamp value.
Even if I used the newest fit.jar that is version 20.22.00, I still get NULL LocalTimestamp .
Is this a bug? Or Edge 810 not support LocalTimestamp for fit data. doesn't it?
Thank you.