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Bought Lg G6


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I bought Lg G6 Last June 2017 and i want to know the ant specfication.
This the full specification i bought please check the link https://www.findpare.com/price/where-to-buy-lg-g6-eu-lgh870 I hop.e you can give feedback      

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Try installing the support checker: https://github.com/ant-wireless/ANT-Android-SDKs/blob/master/ANT_Android_SDK/Tools/Android_ANTSupportChecker_1-2-0.apk?raw=true

There is also a third party version on Google Play that you could use, it looks like it is pretty much the same code, just someone else posted it. I can't guarantee that one works or anything but might be easier to install if you aren't familiar with installing apks directly.      


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I tried checking the support checker. It downloaded... i'm afraid to open it can you help with this. The procedure..