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Virb ultra 30 .fit example file


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Dear all,

Is there any person of goodwill that is happy to share with me a sample ".fit" file from a GARMIN Virb ultra 30?

I am considering to purchase one but I want to see what kind of data I can get before buying one.

In particular, I'm interested in understanding how the compass data are aquired and how they look like: Since I need to use the camera underwater, any heading information coming from the GPS will not be usefull as it will not be recorded undewater. If the compass data are obtained from a magnetometer, then I would like to know if they are already converted in headings or if they are provided as raw magnetic field measurements.

Any infomormation on this topic (and any sample file shared) is more than welcomed!

Thank you


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Sorry, didn't see this thread, but replied with an attached exmple file in the other thread you posted in.