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D52DK2 setup


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I have the DK52DK2 starter kit in hand. I'm following the "ANT SoC Module Starter Kit User Manual
N5DK1 & D52DK1" D00001678 Rev 1.0 (I didn't find a dedicated user manual for D52DK2)

While following the instructions, trying to load the the firmware from Keil ┬ÁVision (ver to the module according to section 3.9 in the user manual, I get the message: Error: Flash Download Failed - Cortex M4

Looking in the Nordic Devzone, seems like the application is trying to write on the SoftDevice. I tried to reconfigure the Target Memory Areas in Keil according to section 6 in the user manual but this didn't help.

Any suggestions?


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Assuming that the module has been "recovered" and the SoftDevice has already been loaded, then I typically find the most common issue in Keil is setting the Debugger to the correct target as well:

In uVision, under the Title Bar:
Flash > Configure Flash Tools... > Utilities > Settings > Debug > Set Port to SW instead of JTAG
Also for convenience, go to Flash Download > Reset and Run and checkbox it so that the module resets automatically after programming.