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Moxy Ant+ LabVIEW communication problem


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I have bought a MOXY-3 device, which has an USB dongle to realize the ANT+ communication. I need to gain the data from the device via ANT+ communication to LabVIEW, so I downloaded the ANT+ Toolkit trial version (I also plan to buy the full version, but if it won`t work, then I will need to choose another device).

The example programs included in the Toolkit donĀ“t see the USB dongle. The driver was installed automatically, and I can see the device in the Device Manager (attached im0 image), but the LabVIEW doesn`t see it as a COM port (also the Device Manager doesn`t handle it as a COM port). I have no options to choose in the VISA in command in the examples (attached im1 image).

I reinstalled the drivers, I tried on Windows 8 and Windows 10, but the problem was the same. NI VISA and NI Serial were also installed. Also the NI MAX program doesn`t recognise it as a serial device.

Can anybody suggest me something to resolve the problem?

Thank you!      

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I realise that this will be too late for your issue, however for the benefit of others I will answer anyway...

The reason LabVIEW doesn't see the USB dongle is that it needs to be installed as a VISA device, not using the Windows dll drivers.

If you look in Help -> iNU Solutions -> ANT+ Toolkit Help -> ANT VISA Driver Help this links to a document that explains how to do this and the differences between the 2 drivers.

There will be an issue with Windows 10 as by default this does not allow the installation of unsigned drivers, however this can be temporarily disabled.

Hopefully this will answer the question for others.