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Getting started - writing FIT files (NOT READING)


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All the forum posts, are about consuming FIT files, usually generated by things like Garmin 520 etc.

I can't figure out from the docs how to _generate_ a FIT file. Are they constructed of rolling 1 second averages? Does one use the SDK to write the FIT file too?      

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I'm writing FIT files during export of workouts in my Android app "myWorkouts".
I'm using Java (obviously) and the FIT SDK. (Without this, it's really pain in the a... to create a valid FIT file.)
The problem is: they are not uploadable to GarminConnect.
Strava accepts them, but Garmin not.
It's very frustrating for me and my users because I don't get support from Garmin.
Without any further information, the upload just says: "An error occurred with your upload. Please try again."

For non GPS workouts I export rolling intervals (like 1sec, 2sec, depending on workout duration).
For GPS workouts, I export one item for each GPS reading.

I hope this helps.