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Match video from fit file to actual video file


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Joined 2018-07-30


I'm receiving from my system a set of fit files and a set of video files.
Obviously in each fit file, there might be information about several video files that were recorded on the same session.

I want to be able to match each video information from a fit file, to its matching video file.

The information I have about a video from the fit file is:
- It's camera_file_uuid which is similar to these values:

I couldn't find documentation of this format, but could manually understand this (Which might be incorrect):
["prefix", "video_type", "width", "height", "frame_rate", "serial", "video_start_time", "unknown", "video_id", "date_camera_started"]

Also, I have an estimate of the length of the video from "video_end" and "video_start" from the "camera_event_type" in the "camera_event" messages.

From the video files, all I have is its name which is similar to:

And I can also extract its length.
I couldn't find any useful info using exiftool

I need some accurate way to match between the video and its information from the fit file.
Preferably something that will also allow me to take a batch of video files from different cameras and a batch of fit files from these cameras - and match the information accurately

Specifically, I'm using Garmin Virb 360.


Total Posts: 3

Joined 2018-07-30


bumping that up. Maybe something changed?