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Listen to paired FE connection


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Im trying to listen to the conversation between a PC program with an Ant+ USB stick and an FE profile trainer. I want to listen to the mode changes being issues by the PC to the trainer (SIM --> ERG-200W --> ERG-250W etc) so I can run some analytics in parallel on a separate PC.

How do I configure an Ant channel on my separate machine to listen to both sides of the conversation between the two paired devices?


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Running a USB stick in "continuous scan mode" and "Rx only" would let you listen to all of the messages being transmitted between the two devices. This is probably easiest done in ANTware II. The biggest caveat is that the only way to tell which "direction" the messages are going is to see the order in which they were received with virtually identical timestamps. In this case, the trainer always transmits first because it is the master channel, and the slave (the PC) is the one back-channelling a message.