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Beginner ANT+ with nRF52DK


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Joined 2018-05-09


Hi everyone,

I'm start with nrf52 dk and I trying run the bike speed and cadence sensor example in this nordic kit. In the host, i'm using the garmin usb stick and ANT+ display simulator to receive data configured by the bike speed and cadence display.
I compiled the \nRF5_SDK_15.3.0_59ac345\examples\ant\ant_plus\ant_bsc\bsc_tx\pca10040\s212\arm5_no_packs\ant_bsc_tx_pca10040_s212.uvprojx with success and downloaded this executable file in de nrf52 using keil u5.

This kit has an internal antenna, but I need help to try to run this example, using nrf52 dk trasmitting data to host, simulating the bike speed and cadence sensor, but i'm not receiving any data.

I searched in this forum and the Nordic Devzone, but I think that here is more specific (ANT+ smile )