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Using Application ID in DeveloperDataIdMesg


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Where do I find details on how developer data ID is meant to be used?

I was hoping to use the "application ID" (paired with the "app version") in the DeveloperDataIdMesg to track which of my applications wrote a FIT file, incase I later need to do any specific decoding.

However (in the Java SDK) when I do

the file will fail upload to Garmin Connect (all other platforms I have tried are fine).      




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The Application ID message of the DeveloperDataIdMesg, is manufacturer specific, and is meant to provide context to the generator of the data. It is a 128-bit UUID value, Garmin may be assuming that there is supposed to be 16 values and crashing as a result. The way you are setting it will only add 1 value to the array.

Try setting more bytes to see if that fixes the issue. If not Garmin may be validating that the ID matches with an ID that they are aware of.