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How to get the list of FE-C sources in the vicinity using c#


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I am trying to enable our software to interact with Wahoo and Tacx smart trainer.
I am running my sample program with device type = 0 and transtype = 0 and at the same time I have 2 wahoo trainers and one tacx trainer connected. But when I run the program I get the device number id like 34926 and 14673 etc.

But the problem is the I expect that when I user the following command

channel0.setChannelID(0, false, 17, 0, 500)

Then I should get the list of all device in the range. but I get only one device at a time.
But when I use some commercial application, I can see these applications list all the available devices in the range.

Also, in the commerical applications I see the same device numbers but like Tacx FE-C 14673 or Wahoo FE-C34926.
My problem here is how these device numbers are related the Tacx FE-C or Wahoo FE-C

I would really appreciate a quick response.