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Migration from S212 to S332


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We are currently working on bike power meter which should be able to work with ANT as well as BLE. The existing example in sdk 15.3.0 (ant_bpwr_tx_pca10040_s212) uses S212 which we want to change to S332.

I updated the soft device in the example and able to see the messages on the serial terminal as well as Antware ||. but when i try to connect with the Garmin edge 520 display, it is not able to connect. Is there any guideline/document on how to migrate existing example from S212 to S332?.      

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There isn't a ready-made guide, but if you diff the makefile's together you'll find the general trends such as:

Change the start addresses for the RAM and ROM locations.
Change the SoftDevice headers to point to the s332.
Change the build defines such as S212 to S332.

This isn't a comprehensive list but hopefully, it's enough to get started.