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GPS 16xHVS, searching for support.


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Joined 2019-08-29


I know this is not the right forum for this question but the Garmin telephone support told us that this might be the only way to find support for the issue we observe since a few weeks.

My company has installed many ground based GPS 16xHVS devices on northern Europe to obtain position data and as timing reference by means of pps. Since a few weeks we observerve timing anomalies and position errors and even outages (GPS reports errors) at 3 times a day, every day with a time drift of about 4 minutes compared to the previous day.
Devices from other manufactures seems to be unaffected so we strongly believe this is a Garmin sw issue.

We are searching for a person which can give us support in this matter so any help would be appreciated.


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That Garmin device does not use ANT or ANT+, so you would be better served using https://forums.garmin.com/ and https://support.garmin.com      


Ian Haigh