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FIT SDK 21.14.00 released


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We have released version 21.14.00 of the FIT SDK. This release signifies the end of the 21.00.00 beta. This new revision of the SDK addresses an issue in the C SDK decode logic that limited the maximum length of a FIT message to 255 bytes.
None of the other SDKs are affected by the issue, thus 21.00.00 is functionally equivalent to 20.85.00 for the Java, C# and C++ SDKs
If you update from an old version of the SDK, you will need to evaluate your applications usages of the following APIs as their return types were changed from FIT_UINT8 to FIT_UINT16.
Fit_GetMesgSize(FIT_UINT16 global_mesg_num);
Fit_GetMesgSizeFromEnum(FIT_UINT32 fit_mesg_enum);
Fit_GetFieldOffset(const FIT_MESG_DEF *mesg_defFIT_UINT8 field_def_num); 
Once you complete the evaluation, add the following to your fit_config.h file

The 20.xx version of the SDK will no longer be updated