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ANT module mounting


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I am using dynastream module with nrf52832. I programmed the ant module with s332 hex file and the example of ant_io_tx of s212 arm5_no_pack,

Im facing following doubt,

In the document its mentioned as

10. Mount a module with the ANT network processor firmware on an ANT USB interface board and connect it to the PC.
11. Open the ANTWare tool.
12. Configure Channel 0 as a Slave.
13. Set the Channel ID to “0, 3, 1”.
14. Open the channel with default values for all the other channel configuration parameters to begin the search for the other ANT SoC module.

How should i mount the ant module on USB?

Should i take out the battery and connect remaining parts of the module(Bluetooth and Io board) onto the USB stick? or any other way?

If the above method is okay, then im having trouble pairing the channel. It says opening channel and then timeout in the slave. How should i pair? what other settings have to be changed?

I'm very new to uC programming , Kindly do help me.