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Creating a FIT file that is accepted by Garmin.


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Hi all,

I am trying to create an application for desktop/android which will convert a 3rd party device workout file to a FIT file that can be uploaded to Garmin Connect. The ANT documentation is fairly good at explaining how to make a FIT file but I can't seem to find any documentation on creating a FIT file that Garmin will accept. Having had a look through this forum it seem's this is not an uncommon problem so I'm hoping somebody has already made some progress on this? Any tips would be appreciated or a way to debug my FIT files to get more useful error messages than Garmin's "Upload failed, try again".

If anybody is interested the 3rd party device I'm working on is a Rowperfect 3 (Rowing machine).

Any help would be much appreciated (even if you're just telling me to look somewhere else).

Many thanks,

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I'm stuck on a similar problem using FIT messages to display info on a Garmin Varia Vision. Not sure if this will be helpful to you, but I've been unable to convert Garmin Settings FIT files into CSV using the FITtoCSV and back using the tool provided. There are proprietary fields that the parser will output as "unknown" if you use the -s option, but then it is still unable to put them back together into FIT files because either way, significant data is lost and the device just deletes the file. You should try this with a known working Garmin FIT file, assuming you have one, and see how much of the file size is lost before vs. after the conversion. If you're missing anything, then I think the only conclusion is that the parser provided with the FIT SDK isn't capable of making the file you need for that particular device.

My case my be different through as I'm still working with FIT files that configure an Extended Display, and haven't gotten to the part where I'm pushing workout data.

For troubleshooting your code, maybe start with one of the examples in FIT SDK\examples. See if you can get one, or many working. If you can, then gradually transform the FIT file into one of yours. Not much of a debugging environment, but it should work.

Sorry, I just noticed you said Upload Failed.. What hardware and software are you using for the upload? Have you gotten any files to upload successfully? What I said above might still be relevant, but you should probably spend some time on connection aspect first.