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How to properly write monitoring file?


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Joined 2020-01-17


Hi all!

I am trying to create monitoring file on PC.
Started from example of course by adjusting device id etc.
When I try to upload to connect I am getting error message:

One of your files was not accepted by the system. Please contact Support for assistance.

And that's it. :-(

Interestingly enough, I am able to create activity files. When I started to work on them I was getting same message. Turned out that if some types of messages are missing in the file it is considered invalid.

So, with this assumption, I tried to cram into monitoring most message types that are present in actual device file.
Problem is that there are a lot of 'unknown' type of messages. I understand these should be dependent on device profile.

So, a couple of questions:
1. What messages are required for monitoring b to be valid. I do not think documentation is comprehensive in this area.
2. Is there any way to decode unknown messages?