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C7 module availability


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Digikey just informed our contract manufacturer that they will no longer be selling the C7 module (ANTC782M4IB). Is this being discontinued? If not, can anyone recommend another supplier?

(I recently found that the D52 module is available as a drop-in replacement for the C7)       [ Edited: 25 March 2020 04:35 PM by dwilhide ]

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I also searched for it for a long time, but then I found it on German site, so I ordered it to the property in Berlin to my uncle, I can send it if needed.       [ Edited: 24 June 2020 10:24 AM by Filipp77 ]

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Yes the C7 is EOL. See https://www.thisisant.com/developer/components/c7-modules      


Ian Haigh