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S332 v6.1.1: Sending Shared Burst Transfers Using Shared Channel


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This functionality had been working on S332 v2.0.0. I recently migrated to S332 v6.1.1. Although there were no significant changes in this area of functionality it no longer works.

This particular functionality involves a shared channel with a single Master and a Slave. The Slave channel is configured as a CHANNEL_TYPE_SHARED_SLAVE. Testing with a Slave trying to burst response data back to the Master after receiving a Broadcast command.

I have confirmed the previous v2.0.0 implementation works with the same Master that is failing with the v6.1.1 implementation. The issue is that all 4 segments of the burst are submitted via the sd_ant_burst_handler_request() successfully , but that no EVENT_TRANSFER_TX_COMPLETED or EVENT_TRANSFER_TX_FAILED (or any other Tx event) is generated after the 4th segment. So when the application goes to send the next burst transfer the channel returns a Transfer In Progress error. The shared channel address in the burst is set to 0x00.

The first segment is submitted when the Master broadcast is received. The remaing 3 segments are submitted when the EVENT_TRANSFER_NEXT_DATA_BLOCK is recevied. All 4 segments are submitted within 120 usec.

Perhaps I'm missing something related to the migration for v2.0.0 to v6.1.1. Any help would be appreciated.

Additional Information:

Using an ANT packet sniffer I can see the Master broadcast command, but I never see any of the Slave burst command segments get transmitted. When using a Slave running the v2.0.0 implementation, I see the Slave burst command segments being transmitted. So this explains why there is no Tx event. Why isn't the transmission ocurring. Running the same v6.1.1 in Master mode all transmission are visible.