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ANT tx broadcast example code in S212 softdevice


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Hi ,

I want to make an ANT network between nRF52832 SDK (pca10040) and nRF52840 dongle (pca10059) , one as transmitter and other as a receiver.

So I started with nRF52832 DK and I have been trying to check the example "ant broadcast transmitter" of S212 softdevice on nRF52832 DK.
( nRF5SDK17009d13099\nRF5_SDK_17.0.0_9d13099\examples\ant\ant_broadcast\tx\pca10040\s212\ses )

I dumped and ran the program using the SEGGER EMBEDDED STUDIO.
I didn't use "nRFconnect for desktop" separately to program the softdevice( which I believe is suggested in one of the ANT forum discussions)

How do I check the data that has been transmitted by DK using my computer? Do I need to use ANTware II software or any other software? If so, can you please help me with any tutorial that explains the settings and procedure?

can you also please let me know whether I can use nRF52840 dongle (pca10059) for ANT protocol? If so, are there any example codes for pca10059 also? I downloaded the softdevice S340 which I believe is compatible with nRF52840 dongle, but I couldn't find any example codes in Nordic SDK ZIP file apart from PCA10040 (nRF52832) in ANT examples folder.

Thank you.

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ANTwareII is the correct tool for verifying the broadcast. https://www.thisisant.com/resources/antware-ii-simulant-workshop/ and https://www.thisisant.com/resources/antware-ii-users-guide/ will help you with understanding how to use ANTwareII.

The nRF52840 is supported. We are checking into example code availability.



Ian Haigh


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I am also interested in seeing example code for the PCA10059 USB dongle for ANT.