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Running Sample Applications (ANT Android SDK) on Samsung Galaxy A51


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Joined 2020-09-24


Hello everyone,
I am new to ANT and to the world of app development in general, so I excuse myself if my questions are too basic.

I am trying to run the sample applications in the ANT Android SDK (Background Scan and Acquire Channels) on a Samsung Galaxy A51 with Android 10 as OS. I have tried with both Visual Studio 2019 and Android Studio.
The Background Scan Sample app appears on my device even though Visual Studio returns an error and states it cannot be debugged. I still can't compile with Android Studio. Furthermore, when I click "Start Scan" my ANT device is not yet being recognized and I still can't figure how to view it.
The Acquire Channels Sample app is not even present on my Galaxy device and the returned error is the same both in Visual Studio and Android Studio.

How do I solve this? Do you have any other tips to develop a very simple ANT app (what compiler to use, sample code to be integrated in Android 10...).
I thank you in advance for you help!      

Total Posts: 2

Joined 2020-11-12


Did you ever find any useful resources for learning ANT+ programming? I'm at a loss myself - everything I find seems to be from at least 5 years ago and doesn't work on modern android.