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Help with Power Meter RX


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Joined 2020-11-13


Hi. All I want to do is view a log of RX messages from my power meter on my PC. It would appear this can be done with AntWare II. I attempted to use the Power Profile PDF and enter in the info necessary.

:: 40, 07-01-01
:: 40, 07-01-07

Is what I'm seeing. What Channel do I set up the Slave on? Any ideas?

I would have thought this would have been a trivial task.      

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SimulANT+ would probably be a better tool to use as it sets up all the channel parameters and even parses the pages.

https://www.thisisant.com/resources/antware-ii-simulant-workshop/ and https://www.thisisant.com/resources/antware-ii-users-guide/ will help you with understanding how to use ANTwareII if you wish to continue with that tool.



Ian Haigh