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Help with Power Meter RX


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Hi. All I want to do is view a log of RX messages from my power meter on my PC. It would appear this can be done with AntWare II. I attempted to use the Power Profile PDF and enter in the info necessary.

:: 40, 07-01-01
:: 40, 07-01-07

Is what I'm seeing. What Channel do I set up the Slave on? Any ideas?

I would have thought this would have been a trivial task.      

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SimulANT+ would probably be a better tool to use as it sets up all the channel parameters and even parses the pages.

https://www.thisisant.com/resources/antware-ii-simulant-workshop/ and https://www.thisisant.com/resources/antware-ii-users-guide/ will help you with understanding how to use ANTwareII if you wish to continue with that tool.



Ian Haigh


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Check the documentation for your power meter and the AntWare II software to see if they provide any guidance on the channel settings that need to be configured. Try experimenting with different channel settings in the AntWare II software, such as changing the channel number, baud rate, or other communication parameters, to see if you can establish a successful connection with the power meter. If you are still having trouble, you may want to consider contacting the manufacturer or technical support for your power meter or the AntWare II software for further assistance.
connections game      

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