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Ant USB-m stick not permanently accessible


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Joined 2021-02-16


Hello Ant fellows,

I'm trying to use the Ant USB-m stick in conjunction with a Cadence sensor.
The code to read the data that is transmitted to the USB dongle is written in Python.
It is running under Windows10.

I can recommend the excellent work from https://github.com/dhague/vpower to get you up and running.

But the point where my code cracks is when the program is relaunched after the sensor is going idle.
I don't know after how many minutes the sensor turns idle. But when that happens, communication with the stick seems to fail and at that moment I can't get the code connect back to the USB stick correctly.

The code produces the following error:
usb.core.USBError[Errno None] b'libusb0-dll:err [_usb_reap_async] timeout error 

Thanks for any clues to get me back on wheels wink

Kind regards,