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How to change the frequency value of the “sd_ant_channel_radio_freq_set ()” function to 2480MHz or higher


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I am a Japanese engineer and develop devices using the ANT protocol.
The target customer is using Wi-Fi channels 1, 6 and 11, and the ISM band available for ANT communication is limited to 2480MHz to 2500MHz.
In Japan, 2400MHz-2500MHz can be used as ISM band, so
I changed the frequency value of the "sd_ant_channel_radio_freq_set ()" function to 90 in order to change the frequency of ANT communication, but unfortunately I cannot set it up.
Is the frequency of this function limited to 2403MHz to 2480MHz?
I would like to know how to remove the frequency limit of this function.
If possible, could you please provide binary code that removes the frequency limit for this function?      

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https://www.thisisant.com/developer/components/nrf52832/ and the soft device header indicate that only the 2402 to 2480 MHz range is supported by the nRF52.      


Ian Haigh