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Communication with nRF52832


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Hi everyone,

I'm developing an Android 9 app that should communicate with an nRF52832 microcontroller unit via ANT.
I cannot establish a bi-directional connection between the smartphone (master) and the unit (slave). I know for a fact that the two devices pairs and that the microcontroller receives data from the smartphone (and acts accordingly), but the smartphone doesn't seem to be receiving the data broadcast from the nRF52832.
I tried with another device (a USB stick connected to the pc) acting as slave and the app works and receives data. Then I tried the same device, this time configured as a master, and it works with the unit. It's like the connection between smartphone and microcontroller is cursed.
Is there something wrong with softdevice S212? Do you know what I can do?      

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"Then I tried the same device, this time configured as a master, and it works with the unit."

To clarify: that description is a USB stick with PC software as master receiving reverse direction messages from the nRF52832 slave?

If that is so, then your phone app should be working with the nRF52832 slave.

I recommend sniffing the packets going between the phone and nRF52832 using ANTwareII configured in continuous scanning mode. You will see the messages going in both directions.

Test with the working case of PC master and nRF52832 slave first and observe the forward and reverse direction messages. Then test the non-functional case of phone and nRF52832. Check that you still see both forward and reverse direction messages. The forward direction messages will occur slightly before the reverse direction messages, followed by a gap of ~1 channel period to the next forward direction message.      


Ian Haigh


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oh god thanks you help me and I fix that problem
I also got such a problem and it didn't work with nRF52832 as well
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