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ANT Burst from master consistently failing


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NOTE: I cannot see how to delete this thread. I found the issue in that I had two slaves on the same channel.

I am trying to send an ANT Burst message from master to slave, which is failing despite multiple (8x) attempts. This behavior is very consistent. The burst message size is just 32 bytes.

If I have both master and slave switch frequencies before sending the burst message then the burst message goes through on the first attempt. Is this behaviour expected?

To minimise latency I want to avoid having the master tell the slave to switch frequencies prior to sending the burst message. Is there another way around it?

I am using the NRF52840 chip with soft debice S340, version 7.0.1.

Slave is a ConnectIQ app, but I have confirmed this behavior (burst failing when NOT changing requency) using ANTWare.