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Installing ANT USB Drivers for Windows 11


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Windows 11 currently does not automatically download the required driver for ANT USB-m sticks. Following the procedure below will resolve the issue.

To manually download the driver:
1. Login to thisisant.com
2. Navigate to thisisant.com/developer/resources/downloads
3. Under "SOFTWARE TOOLS" download the "ANT USB Driver -Windows" driver
4. Unzip the newly downloaded .zip file

To update the driver:
1. Plug in a ANT USB-m stick (or ANT USB2 stick) into a USB port.
2. Open Device Manager (Start Menu -> Device Manager)
3. Locate "ANT USB-m Stick" under "Other devices"
4. Update the driver
a. Right click "ANT USB-m Stick"
b. Select “Update driver”
c. Select "Browse my computer for drivers"
d. Browse to where the unzipped driver folder is located
e. Click "Next"

ARM64-based Machines
ARM64-based machines require different drivers, but we do support the cross-platform Microsoft driver (WinUSB). The existing driver (libusb0.1) doesn’t work, however, we have a UWP version of ant-lib which uses WinUSB. There is a beta version of it up on the website, located here:


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