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nRF52810 Ant+ bicycle light controller


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Joined 2021-05-31


I am starting with Ant+ and try to read instead of ask here, but many general things are not obvious for me. I try to build Ant+ front light controller to connect to my Garmin Edge 1030. I have also nRF52810 board (not dev board). Questions:
1*. Is DAPLINK / JLINK OB suitable to flash SoftDevice S212 to my nRF ? I used it for another Cortex M0-M4 boards.

2*. I need to run my own, easy task between SoftDevice S212 stack and led lamp hardware.
I need 2-3x PWM outputs to drive led MOS transistors,
2x: ADC for battery voltage measurement and light sensor,
1x input I/O for a button
Can I write my own task and run on the same nRF52810(or 11) Soc TOGETHER with 212 Ant+ soft stack as a next task or should I do it on another micro controller connected with nRF (Tx,Rx connection)?

3* As far as understood current version of SimulAnt+ doesn`t support light profile. Am I right? Which one does?

Thank you in advance for your help.