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Use of FIT SDK in an OpenSource project?


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I'm developing an open source project for tracking and planing sport training and for viewing recorded exercise files. The license of the project is GPL v2.

The application already supports many heartrate monitors. But now I want/need to add support for FIT exercises too, recorded with e.g. the Garmin Edge 500.

The FIT SDK is perfect for parsing FIT exercise/activity files easily.
But first I need to know, whether it's possible to include just the "fit.jar" library from the FIT SDK to my project without licensing problems? I have not found any detailed informations for this question.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi There

The intention of our license agreement is that developers who work with our SDK are welcome to do anything, provided they maintain the existing interoperability. Anyone who works with the source code of our SDK must agree to that. From our perspective, including the compiled fit.jar libraries into your project is fine.

What IĆ¢??m not sure about is whether the GNU license governing your open source project would allow you to include the fit.jar library without the FIT source code.

We are looking into this a bit more.      

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I know this thread is quite old, but I have a similar issue.

I would like to be able to use the FIT SDK C++ files in a open source project, but using a slightly more permissive LGPL license. The FIT License does not let me include the sources I need in the project since they will be open source, but will it allow me to compile the stuff I need from the FIT SDK into a shared library which I distribute in binary form to the users of the open source project?

It would be really awesome if you in the future could release the FIT SDK under a license compatible with GPL/LGPL and permitted the redistribution of the sources, that would be really helpful for the open source community.

Best Regards,

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Hello Erik,

Compiling into and distributing a binary should be fine.