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how to change the message period of master


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I'm using a bike trainer that support ANT+ communication. I was interested to read the speed of the bike via ANT+ and I was successful if I set the channel period of the slave (my pc) to one of the following numbers

8086 counts (~4.05Hz, 4 messages/second)
16172 counts (~2.03Hz, 2 messages/second)
32344 counts (~1.01Hz, 1 message/second)

These data are taken from the bicycle profile.
I wanted to ask if I can set the message period of the master to something else so I can use another message period. I am doing so because I want to see if I can receive messages in different frequency for example 3Hz (3 message per seconds or something else.)

thanks in advance and if there is a solution could you please provide a sample code. now I am using HR demo to understand how this works and I adjusted the HR demo to work for my bike trainer by changing the channel configuration.


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In ANT+ the message period is dictated by the device profile. Some support only a single channel period while others support multiple. These specifications, and any mechanism for dynamic channel period changes, must be adhered to as defined in the ANT+ profile document to maintain compatibility within the ANT+ space.

If you want to do something in the ANT space and not the ANT+ space, then you are free to pick whichever channel period you like.      


Ian Haigh


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The device profile in ANT+ determines the message duration. While some only support one channel at a time, others support several. To keep the ANT+ space compatible, these requirements—as well as any dynamic channel period modifications mechanism—must be followed exactly as outlined in the ANT+ profile document.

You are allowed to choose whatever channel period you wish if you prefer to work in the ANT space rather than the ANT+ space. 
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