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ANT+ USB-m not being recognised by Windows 11 Device Manager


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Joined 2023-02-20


I have a Levono X64 system laptop running Windows 11. I have a GARMIN USB-m stick which works in my partners laptop (also running Windows 11) and also works in my old laptop running Windows 10.
When I plug the USB-m stick into either of the 2 available USB-3 slots, the device does not appear on "Device Manager".
I can see that all the relevant drivers are installed.
From the above information it is evident that the problem is not with the USB-m device as it works in other machines. This would suggest that the USB port/slot is not working properly however, plugging other devices (USB Memory Sticks, iPhone, Garmin watch data/charging cable etc into these USB slots these devices are instantly seen on Device Manager and work correctly.
I have also tried a friend's GARMIN USB-m stick in my laptop that he knows works in his laptop, and I still have the same problem. Also, my USB-m works in his laptop.

Have you come across this anomaly before and is there any help you can give me?

Yours hopefully