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ANT Secure DFU Bootloader


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Hello everyone,
I'm currently working on a wearable project involving ANT communication using nrf-52832 and nrf-52840 boards.
In the last few days i was trying to add the possibility of OTA firmware update using ANT following the Nrf SDk example "ANT Secure DFU Bootloader":
Whenever i try to upload a new firmware image using
.\nrfutil.exe dfu ant -pkg app_dfu_package.zip
The following warning comes out:
" antlib\antdevice.py:68: UserWarning: Using 64bit package does not support communications with UIF boards.
warnings.warn("Using 64bit package does not support communications with UIF boards.")
The ant dfu command is only available on Windows with a 32bit Python "

I am currently using Python 3.11.6 32 bit and i don't know how to deal with this problem. Do you have any suggestion?
Thanks for the help!