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New sensor powered by solar energy


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I am working on a sensor (powered by solar energy) that would work with Garmin cyclecomputers and the aim is to transmit a small amount of information (very small) every time the sensor has enough energy to do so in order to include this info in a FIT file with the rest of the standard info collected after an activity. I have some questions and I hope somebody can help me with them:

1 - Is it possible to work with Garmin cyclecomputers via Ant+ profiles if the sensor has not a defined period of time to broadcast the info? It would depend on weather and route conditions. The process would be the following:
Sensor charging -> Enough energy to connect to my 830 -> Broadcast the info while there is energy to do it -> Lost of connection with Garmin -> Start again.
What scanning mode do the garmin gps use to connect with ant+ sensors?
Once paired, is it possible for the garmin to listen to my sensor every time it has energy enough?

2 - With the purpose of interoperability, I would like to use an ant+ asset tracker profile where only the asset ID would be relevant for the FIT file, so the geolocation data would be static as it would be irrelevant. Is it possible to tell Garmin device what info to consider to be included in the FIT file?