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Wahoo - ANT+ and Unity connection for Oculus Quest


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Hello everyone, I am currently developing a Bicycle simulator for oculusQuest, I already have a large part of the development advanced, I only need to obtain data when the user pedals, my field is clearly Unity but with this Ant thing I am very lost, I only need to obtain if the user using a wahoo device is pedaling or not, is there a specific plugin that can help me add to unity and later connect and obtain that data? I have seen that it can be done through a USB but I don't know exactly which one, if more devices are needed, if a separate plugin needs to be created, there used to be an SDK in the AssetStore but they removed it a long time ago, if someone can help me or guide in this challenge, I would greatly appreciate it, also if someone is willing to help me as if it were a freelance job, we can gladly talk about prices, in advance, sorry for the inconvenience, thank you very much      

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Have you looked into the Wahoo API documentation or tunnel rush? It might have some information on how to integrate their devices with Unity. Sometimes they provide sample code or libraries that could be helpful.