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Method to get messages?


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Joined 2024-04-29


Hi Everyone,

ANT, and embedded programming outside of arduino are new to me.

I've looked at the examples in the NRF SDK, but I can't seem to find a 'getMessage' method?

Closest I've seen is inside [project opened in SES]/nRF_SoftDevice/nrf_sdh_ant.c:

ant_evt_t  ant_evt;

ret_code sd_ant_event_get(&ant;_evt.channel, &ant;_evt.eventant_evt.message.aucMessage);
        if (
ret_code != NRF_SUCCESS)

("ANT Event 0xX Channel 0xX"ant_evt.eventant_evt.channel); 

Trying to then log that using

Results in nothing on my serial console. What am I missing?

Messages are sent from another ANT device using the broadcast_tx example.