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ANT wireless develops self-forming network as part of multi-node solutions suite

Mar 02, 2015 | Business, Developer Next addition to multi-node family creates self-forming, self-healing, multi-hop network

New ANT+ Device Profile Offers First Interoperable Suspension Function

Aug 26, 2014 | Consumer, Developer Quantified Value for Compression Damping Enhances Rider Performance

ANT’s ULP Mesh Capability Opens Opportunities in Wireless Home Automation

May 27, 2014 | Developer Extensible, Scalable Network Functions Simply, Seamlessly

First Dual Protocol ANT SoC Module Maximizes Ease and Savings

Mar 26, 2014 | Business, Developer Small, future proof solution features concurrent support of ANT® and Bluetooth® low energy; RF regulatory certified and fully integrated for fast time-to-market

ANT+ Releases First Standard for Trainers and IC Bikes

Mar 12, 2014 | Business, Developer Bi-directional Resistance Control Optimizes User Experience

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