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ANT+ has been Integrated in Samsung GALAXY Note 3

Sep 05, 2013 | Consumer, Business, Developer Extensive ANT+ Ecosystem Included in Innovative Samsung Android Product Line

ANT+ Android Plugins Deliver ‘Plug and Play’ Solution for Developers

Aug 30, 2013 | Developer Exceptionally simple implementation results in quick app creation and seamless access to millions of available ANT+ fitness, health and sport monitoring devices.

One Giant Leap Unveils World’s First Kayak Power Meter with ANT+ Connectivity

Jul 11, 2013 | Consumer Using ANT+ ultra low power technology, kayakers can now monitor paddle power output, power balance and stroke rate, all in real-time

Selfloops Accessory Brings ANT+ Capability to Over 400 Million Active Android Smartphones

Jul 02, 2013 | Developer Android ANT+ Accessory enables Android devices to connect to ANT+ sport, fitness and health sensors while charging smartphone at the same time.

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