Dynastream Innovations Releases D52Q Modules with dual-protocol support using Nordic nRF52832 SoC
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Dynastream Innovations Releases D52Q Modules with dual-protocol support using Nordic nRF52832 SoC

D52Q offers manufacturers a comprehensive RF solution certified in major global markets, with robust battery powered ANT™ and Bluetooth® low energy support, to fast-track time-to-market in sport & fitness and broader IoT applications

COCHRANE, AB – (August 3, 2016) – Dynastream Innovations Inc., innovator in ultra-low power (ULP) wireless technology, announces the availability of the D52Q ANT SoC modules, the first in Dynastream’s new D52 module series using the nRF52832 System-on-Chip (SoC) from Nordic Semiconductor. 

The D52Q module is available in two variants targeting applications in sport & fitness and commercial IoT market segments:

  • D52QD2M4IA – a 20mm x20mm module with up to 30 GPIOs offering an upgrade path to this more capable and power efficient ANT/BLE module for existing ANT module based (fitness equipment) products as well as being a general purpose module for emerging IoT commercial control applications
  • D52QD2M4IA-A – a 20mm x20mm module with an onboard 3-axis accelerometer and up to 24 GPIOs that enables power and cost efficient ANT implementations of high node count motion based control/monitor products for IoT segments.

A smaller form factor module, the D52M, will join the D52 series product line in late Q3 adding additional form factor options for product developers aiming to leverage the high node count networking capability and power efficiency of the D52 series.

As with Dynastream’s N5 series modules, the D52 series offers concurrent operation of both the ANT and Bluetooth wireless protocols; each protocol compliments the function of the other, which gives developers the opportunity to create products with enhanced capabilities.

“The new D52 module series provides our customers with one of the most advanced dual-protocol ANT and Bluetooth low energy module products with industrial temperature range on the market,” said Mike Rounding, Product Manager at ANT Wireless. “Manufacturers and developers depend on the flexibility of the ANT protocol to build integrated ecosystems such as ANT+ in sport and fitness, and for broader high node count, battery operated mesh applications in the IoT.  D52Q modules are an ideal platform to fast-track a product into these markets.”

The new modules leverage Nordic’s nRF52832 multiprotocol SoC, which incorporates an ARM® Cortex™ -M4F CPU with 64kB of RAM and 512kB of flash.  The nRF52’s 2.4GHz transceiver supports an application with ANT or Bluetooth low energy individually or concurrently, depending on the selected SoftDevice (protocol stack solutions for the nRF52 SoCs).  Power efficiency and on-chip NFC tag support for user friendly pairing options round out an extensive feature list.

“The D52 ANT module is the latest in a long line of products that combine ANT Wireless’ RF software protocol with Nordic Semiconductor’s class-leading Systems-on-Chip,” says Alf Helge Omre, Business Development Manager with Nordic Semiconductor. “The module represents a perfect solution for developers requiring ‘drop-in’ ANT wireless connectivity because the ANT protocol is highly efficient and proven in millions of devices worldwide, while the Nordic SoC is the world’s most powerful single-chip ANT and Bluetooth low energy solution. The module is easily able to support the most complex ANT wireless applications that a developer’s imagination can unleash while at the same time freeing them from the complexities of RF engineering and compliance testing. Simultaneous Bluetooth low energy support brings additional wireless connectivity flexibility.”

To simplify migration and enable existing module customers to easily port their product designs forward, D52Q modules can in many cases be drop-in replacements for Dynastream’s AP2, C7 and N5 M4 form factor products (full details in the D52Q data sheet).

To further accelerate time-to-market, the modules are Bluetooth 4.2 qualified and carry certifications in major markets including the United States, Canada, the European Economic Area, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Korea.

A starter kit (D52DK1) is available for the new D52 series providing developers with everything needed to evaluate and begin product development using D52 series modules. 

Dynastream’s D52Q modules are in production and are available now through Dynastream’s distributor network. To learn more about the D52 series, visit www.dynastream.com/components/d52 or http://www.thisisant.com/developer/components/d52.

About Dynastream Innovations Inc (www.dynastream.com) and ANT / ANT+ (www.thisisant.com):
Dynastream Innovations Inc. was established in 1998 and produces ultra low power wireless chips and modules based on ANT and ANT/BLE wireless technology. Dynastream products are available internationally through a franchised network of electronic component distributors. Our industry leading components can be found in products serving markets in sports, fitness, home / commercial automation and control, and other IoT applications.

ANT is an established protocol and silicon solution for ultra-low power (ULP) practical wireless networking applications. With millions of deployed nodes, ANT is perfectly suited for any kind of low data rate sensor network topologies; from peer- to-peer or star, to practical mesh; in personal area networks (PAN) which are well suited for sports, fitness, wellness and home health applications, or in local area networks (LAN) in home and IoT applications.

ANT+ (built on the base ANT protocol), is an interoperability infrastructure that defines device profiles which specify data formats, channel parameters and network keys. This provides seamless wireless connectivity between ANT+ enabled products, including the collection and automatic transfer of sensor data.

Popular in sport, wellness management and home health monitoring, ANT+ is the pervasive ULP wireless technology facilitating the capture of critical market share in the exploding mobile sensor sector. This standardized communication platform enables quick-to-market solutions for application developers, sensor manufacturers, and cell phone makers.

ANT+ has amassed an ecosystem of world-class technology vendors in the ANT+ Alliance, an open special interest group of companies who have adopted the ANT+ promise of interoperability. With over 250 million devices in the market, these industry leaders offer readily-available brand name products for sport, wellness management and home health monitoring. Visit thisisant.com/directory for a complete listing of ANT+ certified and verified products.

ANT Wireless is responsible for managing the base ANT 2.4 Ghz ultra-low power wireless protocol, the ANT+ interoperability infrastructure and the ANT+ Alliance. The company behind ANT Wireless is Dynastream Innovations Inc. (www.dynastream.com). Dynastream was established in 1998 and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Garmin Ltd. in December 2006. Dynastream is based in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, and is a world innovator in the research and development of inertial and wireless technology.

Press Contact:
Paul Wilke
Upright Position Communications
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