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Managed ANT+ DLL usable on mobile platforms?


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We have an ANT+ compatible application that uses the native ANT+ DLL to communicate with our application. Since our application is written in .NET and our ANT+ communication library is written in C++ this is causing a lot of threading issues. The solution to this seems to be rewriting our communication library using the Managed ANT+ DLL. (According to several posts on these forums.)

Unfortunately we are also targeting mobile devices. We will most likely do this using MonoDroid and MonoTouch. Since this is also .NET, I was wondering if it was possible to use our rewritten communication library on these platforms too, and thus if the Managed ANT+ DLL is usable on mobile platforms?      

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The ANT Managed Library is composed of two parts: a native library and a managed wrapper to expose all the functionality in .NET. While most of the native library is cross platform, the lower layers that implement the communication with the USB stick are specific to hardware/drivers, so this is something you would need to implement for your mobile platform. The full source code of the libraries is available in the ANT+ Adopter Zone