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Google Play Store 941 Error - Update Not Downloading


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Many people seem to be having issues with a 941 error, this appears to be an issue with the Google Play Store. Please follow the instructions in the video below if you're having this issue.

1. Go to Settings >> Manage Applications or Apps >> Open “All” tab
2. From the list of “All” apps >> Scroll Down and Select “Google Play Store” >> Select Force stop, Clear cache and Clear data (Resetting the data will not cause any vital info loss)
3. Again, go back to “All”>> Scroll and Select “Google Play services”>> Select Clear cache
4. Now open Google Play and try updating your app. If the problem persists continue to the step below.
5. Again, go to “All”>> Scroll and Select “Google Play Store” >> Select “Uninstall Updates”      

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Google instructions for clearing the cache here: https://support.google.com/googleplay/troubleshooter/4592924#ts=4592730      


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After the update of the Play store, it has sometimes, shown some error with 941, as, it is unable to open with the Google Play store, and for that, you have to use CRM Software Development extension to run the Play store with a safe mode.

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The Play Store error is happening to me also as the update is not happening and the downloading and the installing is showing pending. The user needs to clear all the cache files in the play store storage settings and then the downloading will resume.