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Beginner: AT3 Chipsets


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1. When I look at the AT3 chipsets, I'm assuming the AT3 ANT MCU and the Radio IC are not packaged together, correct? Essentially, the MCU and Radio IC come separately and just have to be paired according to specification?

2. Is the ANT MCU acting as a "host controller" (unless other functions/features are required)? I see a schematic (in "AT3 RF Transceiver Chipset Datasheet") showing a host controller wired to the ANT11Txx3I Chipset which makes we wonder if I'm misunderstanding the purpose of the ANT MCU as opposed to an external MCU.

My understanding was that these chipsets could reduce the need of some other microcontroller, so I want to make sure I'm understanding the hardware correctly.      

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1. Correct, the chips are separate but the module acts as a single ANT "network processor".

What you are looking for is more like the N5 Module Series, where the processor can be programmed with an application and the ANT firmware is run as a "SoftDevice". This would remove your requirement for a host MCU.

The AT3 module requires a host MCU because the microcontroller is hardcoded to act as the ANT firmware.