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OpenRxScanMode question


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Dear all,

Two questions if I may:

1. Using RX scanning mode with an all wildcard channel ID, is it possible to get sight of traffic going from slaves to masters (on bidirectional channels)? I'm only able to see traffic originating from masters (or myself).

2. Using RX scanning mode I get EVENT_SERIAL_QUE_OVERFLOW channel events when I can't keep up with handling all the incoming traffic. Apart from processing them more quickly are there any capabilities to deal with this situation? e.g. checking how full the buffer is and maybe clearing out stale events (e.g. older than 2 secs) or some such?


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1. If you disable filtering for "synchronous only" messages, then you will also be able to see the backchannel traffic. However, the backchannel traffic shares the same channel ID as the forward message and only differs by the timing, so you'll have to differentiate messages by the order/timing in which they are seen.

2. For the nRF52 series, there will be an upcoming feature to configure the event queue size, but otherwise your only options are to either try and clear events sooner, or to use event filtering to try and reduce the number of events you need to handle.