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D52 Module Project


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I was looking for an example project for the D52 module that reads and transmits data from the LIS2DH12 accelerometer but could not find anything.

The summary of what I'm looking for is:
-Accelerometer configured for 3-axis raw data, 12bit @10Hz
-SPI interface configured for DMA reading of sensor
-single ANT channel, configured for broadcast of most recent sensor data @4Hz

Does anyone know if there such an example project for the D52? The closest I fould is the ant_broadcast_tx_d52_starterkit_s212 project which shows the ANT broadcast channel.

**Updated comment**
It seems unlikely that this project exists. I would consider sponsoring someone to create the project and share it, as it would be very useful for anyone using the D52 module starter kit.

romanmike       [ Edited: 16 May 2018 05:04 PM by romanmike ]