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ANT+ not working on BlueFruit nRF52832… Update SoftDevice?


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Joined 2018-11-14


Hi, I'm a newbie with these devices and ANT+ programming... I got my whole project almost done, working thru BLE... But I want to support ANT+...

I have a BlueFruit nRF52832, programmed thru Arduino IDE... The only bootloader and softdevice I have in choice is at arduino platform is S132 6.1.1 ... So ¿I CAN'T USE ANT+? Right?

I got S323 softdevice (also S212 to try just ANT+) from this page... But the ZIP file contains only the HEX file...
The bootloader folder, in arduino, has an HEX file but also a ZIP FILE that is what Arduino IDE burns to the board... (I tried to rename the HEX file to cheat it, but still burns ZIP file)
That ZIP file contains 3 files: "manifest.json", "sd_bl.bin" and "sd_bl.dat"

¿Any way to get a ZIP file like that for S332 softdevice?

¿Or any way to update bootloader to Bluefruit nRF52832 to S332 and continue programming thru arduino/VS2013?

I am kind of stuck at this point... I am not able to make ANT+ working.. Any simple example...
Please I would thank any advice or help, to keep working in...