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ANT SDK very slow on new devices - Solved


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I wanted to put this in a new post as it took me some time to find the solution to this, and I wanted to add more search terms for others in a similar situation.

The problem encountered was that the ANT-SDK was delivering messages at a very high frequency on older Android devices, but on newer phones, 2018 Samsungs to be precise, the messages were being received in a burst every 1 second.

The solution is on this post here - https://www.thisisant.com/forum/viewthread/6731/
Thank you for this.

The solutution is simply to add the line:


I am adding it in the acquireChannel function.

The reason it took me a long time to find is that this issue was only encountered on newer phones and I thought the error was related to Android 8 (Oreo) and it's changed approach to service resources, so I wanted to add this into the search terms.