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Poor ANT+ performance on Samsung A8


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We've been developing Android applications to interface to our custom ANT+ sensors. The device we've been working with is the 2017 Samsung A5 device which has worked well. However, these are no longer being manufactured and so we are planning on using the 2018 Samsung A8 to fulfill this purpose. Unfortunately, the ANT+ performance on the A8 is noticeably worse:

2018 Samsung A8:
* Receives up to 5 ANT+ devices at a time
* Receives significantly less packets (of the five devices it receives, the packet rate is 17.0, 15.0, 7.0, 5.0, 1.0 Hz)

2017 Samsung A5:
* Receives up to 8 ANT+ devices at the same time
* Much higher packet rate (of the six devices that it is receiving, the packet rate is 20.0, 19.0, 19.0, 16.0, 15.0, 8.0 Hz)

All of the ANT+ devices are sending out messages at 20 Hz. We've installed the same app on both phones.

The A8 appears to be running newer firmware than the A5, as reported by the "ANT Tester" app:

2018 Samsung A8:
* Android: 8.0.0
* Kernel: 4.4.13-15...
* ANT+ built-in firmware: BKU1.02B00
* ANT HAL service: 4.1.1
* ANT Radio Service: 4.15.00
* ANT USB Service: 1.4.0
* ANT+ Plugins: 3.6.40

2017 Samsung A5:
* Android: 8.0.0
* Kernel: 3.18.14-13..
* ANT+ built-in firmware: AVN1.01B04
* ANT HAL service: 4.0.0
* ANT Radio Service: 4.15.00
* ANT USB Service: N/A
* ANT+ Plugins: 3.6.40

Has anyone else encountered this sort of problem? What did you do to overcome it?