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About ANT+ data reception problems


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Hello everyone, I am a junior developer. I am working on the Unity3D software that communicates with the hardware. I have found a lot of information on the Internet without the ANT+ protocol. There are only one C# related to the download of the official website. After downloading, I found that only the heart rate is related. I need bicycle power related here, but no, I wrote a code to read data from USB in my own code. I printed the information obtained from the SBU in hexadecimal and found it to be the same as what appeared on the emulator, but I don't know what each of the 8 bits of data is represented by this, and can't be parsed. In the document downloaded by the developer community, only the MSG ID is marked. For the specific data behind it, there is no specific information. I put the relevant dll on U3D. ANT+ProfileLib.dll will report an error. Is there any way?