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Unable to get EVENT_TX logs in Master mode


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Aim: I need to broadcast some dummy data over ANT.

I'm using a CYCPLUS USB dongle to transmit ANT packets in master mode (no receiver setup for receiving). But I'm unable to see any EVENT_TX logs generated from ANTWare II (v.4.1) as part of the transmission. This seems like very basic, am I missing something?. Thanks.

The steps I have done to setup is:
Connected CYCPLUS USB (auto driver install happened)
Opened ANTWare II and I could see the device listed on 'Available devices'
Assigned as Master in Channel assignment.

Note: It's always SlaveSearch~ID:0,0,0 in ANTWare II, no matter the mode (even if Master).      

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It has been reported previously that CYCPLUS USB devices are not fully compatible. See https://www.thisisant.com/forum/viewthread/7293/      


Ian Haigh