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FOUND Looking for developer to make Android App FE-C ANT+ BLE


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Hi there!
I would like to develop an app to control Tacx NEO. App has to be usable with your hands on handlebars, using just thumbs (for someone with special needs). It is just a POC, so really basic.

Android App for one device (OP8T)
No Play store
App is needed as a POC for interface layout

* connect to Tacx NEO over BLE
* communicate using Tacx ANT+ FE-C messages over BLE
* display Stationary Bike Data (cadence, power, 3 sec. avg. power)
* control basic resistance (+/- buttons)
* negative resistance functionality to simulate positive and negative slope
* control target power resistance (+/- buttons)
* interface to switch between basic resistance and target power

Landscape orientation with +/- buttons on side

Initially would like to get a rough estimation of cost.

Next POC has to yield optimal screen layout.

If POC successful, I would like to develop it into a full featured App.

Contact me mr.lacis at Gm